Financial Accounts Managers

Job holders in this unit group manage client accounts or departments within financial institutions (such as banks and insurance companies) or manage a variety of financial accounts within other organisations.


New workers
£ 18,600
£ 36,109
£ 70,304

Available jobs

In the past year there were 187,717 vacancies for this type of job

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What they do most days?

  • Carries out and/or supervises general accounting and administrative work.

  • Establishes terms of credit and ensures timely payment by customer, renegotiates payment terms and initiates legal action to recover debts if necessary.

  • Checks customers.

  • Manages teams handling insurance claims.

  • Takes responsibility for the efficient and effective operation of several business accounts.

  • Develops and manages business accounts to increase sales of financial products.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific, learnable, measurable, often industry or occupation-specific abilities related to a position.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Project Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Invoicing

  • Auditing

  • Accounts Payable

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Corporate Finance

  • Investments

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be self-taught and usually do not necessitate a certain completed level of education.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Management

  • Communications

  • Planning

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership

  • Detail Oriented

  • Forecasting

  • Operations

  • Sales

  • Microsoft Excel

How do I get a job like this?

People in these types of job started their career paths after studying courses like the ones below.