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Finance shouldn’t be a barrier for students to excel and we offer bursaries, prizes and scholarships to help students realise their potential and reward excellence. 

If you’re an aspiring athlete, have a passion for music, excel in your chosen subject or just need some extra support, we have funding options to help you. 

Bursaries are means-tested, non-repayable financial support provided by the University, based on your household income. At UEA, you do not need to apply for a bursary – it is awarded automatically using the information we receive from student finance. 

The range of scholarships available depends on your skillset and specialisms and they can be applied for even if you’re receiving a bursary. 

Each Faculty has funds available to encourage, support and assist their best and brightest students and to ensure fair access to education. 

We also give £3,000 scholarships to reward high performance in research projects – for example, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).