The one-stop app connecting the world to UK higher education. A single postgraduate gateway for international students – under the trusted UCAS brand.

Support international students in their journey to UK study

Myriad has countless opportunities for UK providers and professionals working overseas to recruit and engage with international students and support their applications to study in the UK. Students can search courses, research universities, make multiple applications, get matched to funding, and find jobs and accommodation – all in one place.

  • Over 90% of eligible universities and colleges are already using Myriad.
  • The Myriad app has been downloaded in over 160 countries and territories worldwide.
  • We can put your postgraduate opportunities in front of these international students eager to study in the UK.

Discover Myriad

The Myriad app is popular.

It's already been downloaded in over 180 countries and territories worldwide.

Myriad by UCAS – One app. Countless opportunities.

“Myriad is a one-stop shop that’s helped me navigate through my study and stay in the UK without hassles, making it a stress-free process for me. From selecting a school of choice, getting accommodation and finding my way around the UK, this was just a YES for me and I had to sign up instantly. Thank you, Myriad.” Student from Nigeria

Connect with students, save time and increase diversity

We’re helping international students research and apply for the right courses for them.


Key benefits

  1. Myriad enhances the UK’s competitive position in the global student market.
  2. It supports diversity with scholarship matching, as well as information in 15 languages.
  3. Students can connect directly with providers offering relevant postgraduate opportunities.
  4. With all information in one place, Myriad saves time and effort for students, providers, and those working overseas to recruit international students to UK universities alike.
“Having it all in one app is really powerful, being able to cross reference everything within one place without having to spend hours and hours researching.” Student from USA

UK providers

Get more applications and support student diversity

Myriad features information about your provider, with referral links to connect them directly to your website for more information or to apply. We’re also rolling out an advanced application service for postgraduate international students to apply through the app – which then submits their details to your organisation.

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International recruiters

The easy way to help people apply to study in the UK

Increase student engagement, helping your students research courses and universities. Create an agent account to support them through their application journey.

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Over 90% of eligible universities and colleges are already using Myriad to boost their international postgraduate recruitment

Myriad by UCAS

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If you’re an international recruiter or you work for a UK university or college, contact us to find out more about Myriad, our advanced application service, and how we can help you.

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