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RAF airman or airwoman

RAF airmen or airwomen fly on board fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.
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What does a RAF airman or airwoman do?

A Royal Air Force (RAF) airman or airwoman flies on board fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. You could be carrying our patrols, part of a search and rescue team, or involved in conflict zones across the world.

As an RAF airman or airwoman, you provide specialist support in one of the following categories:

  • aircrew – which includes non-commissioned aircrew and weapon systems operators
  • engineering and technical – including roles like aircraft technician
  • catering and hospitality – which includes roles such as catering officer
  • security and defence – with jobs in fire fighting and the RAF Police
  • medical and medical support – dental, nursing, medical and laboratory roles
  • personnel support – including administration, bands, and training
  • air operations support – for example, air traffic controllers
  • communications and intelligence – such as photographers and intelligence analysts
  • logistics and equipment –includes drivers and supply officers

What do I need to do to become a RAF airman or airwoman?

You need at least two A levels or three Scottish Highers at grade C or above (excluding general studies or critical thinking).

Related skills

  • Ability to understand technical plans
  • Analytics
  • Communication
  • Discipline
  • IT
  • Leadership
  • Numeracy
  • Physical fitness
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork

Related subjects

  • Maths
  • Physical education
  • Physics

Essential qualifications

  • Two A levels/ three Scottish Highers at grade C or above

Where to find out more

Where could I be working?

You could be working in a variety of different places. You may be working in conflict zones. Travel is an essential part of this career. 

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