Protective services

Protective services is all about keeping people safe, making a difference, and helping communities. This could be in the police, the fire service, the army, and any other public or essential service.

What is a protective services apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in protective services is a practical, work-based route into your chosen career. You will gain the qualifications and skills to work in the field while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

You could be interviewing suspects who have been arrested, putting out fires in burning buildings, driving ambulances, or helping those who have been released from prison, to name a few.

Career opportunities from a protective services apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in the industry can lead to a range of careers, including a:

A day in the life of a protective services apprentice

PC Lauren Clayton is a Police Constable Degree Apprentice at the Derbyshire Constabulary.

Lukas, police constable degree apprentice, Hertfordshire Constabulary

I have made so many friends and have learnt so much from all my colleagues. There are some people who have genuinely inspired me through watching their dedication, empathy and, on occasion, their bravery as well. That has helped me to decide the type of police officer I aspire to be.
Over £29,000
The starting salary for a police degree constable apprentice
According to Home Office, 2023
Over 16,000
Number of paramedics in the UK
According to Nuffield Trust, December 2022
  • You’ll be making a difference to the people around you.
  • You get to meet all kinds of different people.
  • Every day will be different.
  • You might have to work evenings and weekends.
  • You’ll be on your feet a lot of the day.
  • You’ll have to deal with difficult situations.

Who would suit a protective services apprenticeship?

You might be interested in a protective services apprenticeship if you:

  • are passionate about helping people and keeping people safe
  • are responsible and want to do the right thing
  • want to work in essential services

You might be a good fit for a protective services apprenticeship if you:

  • are responsible
  • are kind and helpful
  • can keep calm and composed in difficult and emotional situations
  • are confident and not afraid to tackle situations head on
  • are flexible to changing situations

Lauren Clayton, police constable degree apprentice, Derbyshire Constabulary

This year, I moved on to the PCDA programme, went to the training centre, and I’m now a police officer. I’ve been on section since March and I’m really enjoying it. There’s people from all sorts of backgrounds there. It’s the place where you get all your fundamental knowledge, the legislation you need, the practical skills you need, and the knowledge on the processes for when you’re attending incidents. Then you have role-plays and opportunities to practise these skills in action, where you receive feedback, and you learn loads from those… I know some people might be worried about the physical side of things, but you do get training in that and how to use all your equipment.

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