After you’ve received your results, there are a number of reasons why your place might not be confirmed yet.
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  • In many cases, there’s no need to contact the uni or college.
  • Look at the scenarios below to find out what you need to do next.

Your situation

What's happening

What you need to do 

You don’t have all of your results yet

You’re waiting for results from other qualifications that are included in the conditions of your offer, such as GCSEs.

Your offer will stay as conditional until the uni or college has your results. You may need to send a copy of your results to the uni or college when you receive them. 

You do have all of your results but you got lower grades than the uni asked for in the conditions of your offer.

The uni may still be considering your application.  Contact the uni – they may be willing to accept you with lower grades or offer you a different course.

Whether you’re accepted or not, their decision will appear in Track with instructions on what to do next.

You’ve got the grades you were asked for in the conditions of your offer and completed any additional requirements, such as health or financial requirements, DBS checks or proof of your qualifications. The uni or college is updating decisions so your place will be confirmed soon. If you think we've sent your results to the unis, double check the list of qualifications we get to make sure yours is on there. If not, you need to send them yourself.

If you’ve definitely met all the requirements you don’t need to take any action. Check Track and you should see your place is confirmed soon.

You've listed qualifications on your application which you didn't sit the exam for. The uni is waiting for your results from the qualifications you have listed. Inform the uni as soon as possible that you did not sit the exam for these qualifications.

Don't want to go to that uni?

  • If you’ve decided you don’t want to go to that uni, you must let them know as soon as possible.
  • It’s very important you do this so the uni can withdraw your application and free up the place for someone who really wants it.

You want to go to a different uni

  • If you have met all the conditions of your offer then ask the uni to release you into Clearing. Then look for a course in Clearing.

  • If you haven’t met the offer conditions then ask them to reject you. Then you can look for a place in Clearing.

You don’t want to go to uni at all

  • If you have not accepted an offer then you can withdraw your whole application using Track.

  • If you have accepted an offer you need to ring the unis that are holding the place for you and ask them to withdraw your application. You can also call UCAS and we’ll do it for you.

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