Our new offer rate calculator is a support tool for UCAS registered centres to use with their students, enabling them to see their likelihood of receiving an offer from the university or course they’re interested in applying to.

Your centre can use this calculator with students as part of a classroom activity or in 1-2-1 information and advice sessions, so that context can be provided around the information given. This tool has been designed as a resource for advisers supporting applicants in researching their course options.

We have developed the tool following feedback from students and teachers, enabling them to have the best support available to inspire their students to apply to courses they may have previously not considered.

Please note that this is a beta version of the tool, and focuses on A levels only. At this stage, we have only included universities, colleges, and subject combinations where there’s enough data to give a valid result. Following the launch of the beta version, we plan to expand the calculator to include a wide range of qualifications.

Step one – important information to consider when using the offer rate calculator

  • This tool has been designed for use with students in a 1-2-1 context with a teacher or adviser – i.e. someone who is able to give each student advice and guidance about their higher education choices, and how the use of the calculator could inform their decisions and application choices.
  • Universities and colleges take much more than just grades into consideration when deciding whether to offer anyone a place – things such as their personal statement, relevant experience, interview performance, motivation, their passion for a subject, and their commitment to study.
  • It's important to consider entry requirements for specific courses, which can be found by using the search bar at the top of this page  not meeting a particular entry requirement could considerably alter a student's likelihood of receiving an offer.
  • We would recommend you familiarise yourself with the offer rate calculator by using it yourself a few times before you use it with your students.
  • Please consider how you use the tool with your students – for instance, if you use it with students prior to their predicted grades being ‘set’, it could motivate them to work to achieve higher grades, so time and an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity to do the necessary work could be helpful.
  • The calculator provides a percentage probability of an applicant receiving an offer. This is an estimate based on past applications from other people with the same A levels and predicted grades as the student using the tool.

Step two – how to use the offer rate calculator

  1. Enter the student’s A level subjects and predicted grades.
  2. Enter the course provider and subject the student is interested in.
  3. Results are returned identifying the percentage likelihood of receiving an offer. The summary also indicates how the likelihood of receiving an offer could increase or decrease if the student was to have higher or lower predicted/achieved grades. If the student wishes to do so, there is the option for a summary of the results to be emailed to them. Please make sure the results are sent to the student – the results are not personalised, so you will not be able to distinguish between multiple results summaries.

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If you have any questions regarding the offer rate calculator, please contact us at [email protected].

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