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Introduce the UCAS Hub to your classroom

We know you’re really busy, and that for some of you, advising students on their next steps isn’t your dedicated role. So, as well as recently introducing the new UCAS Hub – our free tool designed to help students explore all their options in one place – we’ve also created a series of lesson plans to help.

Elements of each lesson plan are supported by tools within the UCAS Hub, so before you get started, make sure your students have created their individual accounts – here’s how.

Download your free lesson plans 

Covering everything from transferable skills to finding your purpose, this series of lesson plans have been developed by expert careers advisers to help inspire, organise, and inform your students' future plans.

They’re designed to be entertaining as well as informative for both you and your students, delivering a more optimistic approach with the idea that there’s fun to be had in thinking about the future.​

Take a look at your free lesson plans below:

You don’t know what you don’t know…

Aim: To make students curious about their possible future, and become motivated to research it.

Download lesson plan (192.74 KB)

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How many hellos are you away from your dream job?

Aim: To prepare students to communicate effectively, and to make good connections for future opportunities.

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Will you dare to live the life you want?

Aim: To make students aware of the wide range of career options available, and get them thinking about what interests them.

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Assumptions and influences – why you should challenge them regularly

Aim: To encourage students to challenge assumptions and influences which may limit their choices.

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What drives you to be who you are?

Aim: To help students understand what motivates them in life.

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More coming soon!  

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