Maximise when, and how, you reach prospective tenants

As the academic year nears its end, student housing operators find themselves facing the perennial challenge of filling their rooms efficiently. While Clearing, has long been viewed as the peak period for marketing efforts, a shift in perspective reveals that opportunities extend far beyond this month, here you can explore the data that supports this. In this blog post, we explore the importance of extending marketing efforts throughout the year and offer insights into strategies for maximising occupancy rates and sustaining resident flow. 

1. Rethink last-minute tactics 

Overreliance on last-minute marketing tactics can prove both costly and ineffective. Failing to engage with prospective residents throughout the year means missing out on opportunities to build lasting relationships. Clearing, once confined to the late summer months, has evolved into a strategic opportunity period that begins much earlier in the academic year. By embracing a year-round marketing approach, student housing providers can avoid the pitfalls of panic-driven campaigns and instead foster steady interest and enquiries – check out UCAS’ recent webinar on this topic exploring the successes and pitfalls of this within the market.  

2. Target diverse student needs 

Understanding the evolving needs of students is crucial for effective marketing. While first-year students may prioritise convenience and proximity to campus, second-year students often seek more independent living arrangements.  A comprehensive year-long marketing plan allows student housing providers to position themselves as the preferred choice for students from the outset, regardless of their year of study. 



3. Nurture relationships and prospects 

Continuous engagement with prospective residents is key to fostering informed decision-making and building a sense of community. By nurturing relationships throughout the year, student housing providers can cultivate positive word-of-mouth referrals and create a vibrant living environment that attracts students from diverse backgrounds. UCAS Events are a fantastic way for accommodation providers to connect and engage with students earlier.  


4. Unlock the power of collaboration 

Collaboration with UCAS provides access to invaluable student data, enhancing the efficacy of targeted marketing campaigns. By leveraging this partnership to implement a year-long marketing strategy, student housing providers can reduce the need for last-minute, panic-driven campaigns, ensuring a steady influx of inquiries and bookings while ultimately maximising revenue and minimizing vacancies. Embracing proactive marketing strategies with UCAS not only bolsters occupancy rates but also reduces costs and enhances community engagement. This approach contributes to an overall positive student experience, creating a thriving living environment that supports academic success and personal growth. 

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