Please see below instructions and FAQ's to get started with using your Smartlead UCAS scanning app

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Get ready for scanning

  1. Connect your device to WiFi or 4G/5G
  2. Download the Smartlead UCAS App from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store.
  3. Set up a PIN by typing in twice to validate (if you forget your PIN we can look this up for you in your Enet account).
  4. Login

    a) Enter your username - any email address for you/your organisation

    b) Enter your password – one of your unique licence codes you have for this event

    c) If you have previously used the Smartlead UCAS app, you may only be prompted to enter a pass code (you will need add a new licence code in the settings section).

  5. Scan the unique event QR code within the event scanning instructions. Don’t scan your own exhibitor pass.
  6. Check the home screen displays your organisation name, the event name and date for the event you’re attending.
  7. Check your settings - ensure the ‘restrict to standard QR code or barcode type’ is not ticked.


Setting up your scanning device

Top tips to set up your scanning device ready for the UCAS Discovery events.

Scanning help guides and data samples

At the end of the event

  1. Check your data – go to ‘Settings’, ‘Sync data’ and hold down the ‘Process Data Sync’ button. This will ensure that all data is pushed to your Enet account.
  2. Check your data has all loaded into your Enet account
  3. Reset the app, once you are sure you’ve synced all your data. If in any doubt do not reset


Need support with scanning?

Events technical team
01242 545725