I can think of no career more rewarding – Rachel Mowbray

Tuesday 6 November 2018, Teacher Training

by Rachel Mowbray

I can think of no career more rewarding – Rachel Mowbray

Rachel Mowbray

Prior to starting my training with Ark, I was a Captain in the British Army Intelligence Corps. During my service, I worked with vulnerable people from across the world. What I witnessed during my time in Helmand, Afghanistan, was a society where children were born into mostly hopeless futures. Futures where basic security was absent, hospital care limited and education non-existent for most. At home in Britain, I can think of no career more rewarding than one that is dedicated towards offering a fair chance and future for our next generation.

While there are many other teacher training providers, for me, Ark’s mission of giving every young person, regardless of background, a great education meant that I could take forward the sense of purpose I had serving in the Army into my next career.

Having just finished summer school, what really stood out the most were my fellow trainees and the sense of camaraderie that quickly developed; being with a like-minded group of people, with an assortment of fantastic achievements already behind them, was very inspiring. As a complete teaching novice, I found the training that we received was easily digestible and hugely supportive.

I am looking forward to taking the techniques and lessons from summer school forward into the classroom and really getting to know my year ones.


This was originally posted by Ark Teacher Training and is published with kind permission.

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