SQA qualifications and your UCAS application

Thursday 25 July 2019, UCAS advice


SQA qualifications and your UCAS application


When filling in your application, one part you may need a little extra help with is entering your Nationals, Highers, and Advanced Highers. In this blog post, we’ve compiled some of your frequently asked questions, to help you complete this section!

Where do I find the option for SQA qualifications on the application?

Once you've added your school/college in the Education section, you'll have the option to ‘add qualifications'.

Type the name of your qualification into the search box, or select it from the shortlist if your school/college has created one. Advanced Highers and Highers also include the curriculum code, so you should be able to find the exact subject you’re taking.

Do I need to add my Highers on the UCAS application, even if I am taking Advanced Highers?

Yes, if you’ve taken a Higher, the unis want to see the grade you received. Even if Highers are not included in the course entry requirements, they will still add value to your application.

What about National 4/5 qualifications?

Yes, you’re required to enter all qualifications you’ve taken, or are currently taking. Some unis will have entry requirements for National qualifications, but don’t worry if you haven’t taken these and went straight on to Highers. Unis and colleges know about the Curriculum for Excellence, and will look at all your qualifications in context.

Do I need to include my unit information?

It's optional, so it's entirely up to you whether you mention them. However, some universities may state in their entry requirements that they'd like to see certain unit results – in which case, make sure you include them.

I'm doing some additional Highers alongside my Advanced Highers, at a different school or college. How do I enter these on my application?

Enter your original qualification results at your previous school/college first.

Then, you can add a second school/college. You will need to give your attendance dates, and add your pending qualification information – this includes if you taking any resits.

How do I enter a Scottish Baccalaureate?

Enter the overall subject area, grade, and title of your interdisciplinary project under the Scottish Baccalaureate entry.

Then enter your Highers and/or Advanced Highers as separate qualifications, from the qualifications list. Unis and colleges may not list the Scottish Baccalaureate in their entry requirements, but they should give their Higher/Advanced Higher requirements. Contact them directly if you’re not sure.

If you have any other questions about entering your qualifications, check our advice on ucas.com, or ask our advisers on Facebook or Twitter.