University Tales: Term 2

Thursday 10 January 2019, First year

by Itunu

University Tales: Term 2

Highlight of first term: starting my own radio show 'Identity' with my friend
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Hey everyone!!! It’s a been a while (about 3 months and a bit to be exact). My New Year’s Resolution is to write for UCAS every Thursday, so catch me every Thursday for an update on my University Tales.
Education (the lecture kind)
So, the main aim of attending University is getting an education. Now, that translates into a variety of things for different people. For me being educated goes beyond being in the lecture hall, but for the purposes of word count we’ll focus on the lecture and seminar kind of education.
I am a Politics with International Relations undergraduate, and I’m actually enjoying my course. 4 months in, I’m still in a place where I am not completely sure about all the content for all six modules and I’m still adapting to the new system of learning. However, I find my degree very thought provoking and I leave a lot of my seminars (especially Classical Political Thought) very deep in thought about issues that go beyond politics. It's moments like that remind me of why I wanted to attend University and do my degree.
I hope to become a critical thinker, with not only book-knowledge but an ability to analyse situations and be more accepting ,and again analytical, of different points of view (a conversation in a seminar about The London Riots and whether or not there were a political statement or a criminal act showed me I still have growing to do in terms of 'accepting and analysing' other points of view). 
My favourite assignments so far have been; an essay on elitism, where I got to talk about the flawed British education system and how it is set up to essentially mould the leaders of society while leaving the majority behind.
I also have to take an additional module outside of politics and I do ‘Contemporary African Cultures’. At the end of first term I got to write a book review about ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I was BUZZING. I was able to incorporate critical writing on black hair, immigration and assimilation to my essay and I have never been so happy to spend hours in the library doing workin my life.
Social stuff
Firstly can I just say that going to clubs and raves is not the epitome of the social activities at University. That was a HUGE worry of mine when going to University, that I would be labelled as a socially awkward person simply because I didn’t go clubbing and raving. IT’S A LIE. There is so much to do at and I know that’s something that is said a lot, and it’s said to a point where it sounds insincere but it’s very true. There is ALWAYS something to do, and from what I can see, involving yourself in as many things as you can (without letting it impact your studies) is how you meet so many people and learn a lot beyond the lecture hall. I’ve attended talks, a documentary screening, debates, spoken word events, the US Election party and I’ve just generally been out and about which has made my Uni experience AMAZING so far.
However, the social side of Uni is interesting, because you’re aware that so many people are in your year but you have no clue who or where they are. My University is a jungle and coming from a school where I knew pretty much everyone it’s a strange experience still not knowing who a lot of people are. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will constantly be meeting new people and having new experiences which is very exciting.

My favourite thing so far about Uni is having my own radio show called Identity (follow us here and listen to our shows from last term on mixcloud) which I get to host once a week with my friend Shaniyaa and I'm so excited to start the show again this term from the 27th of January every Friday from 9-10pm  LIVE on
Living alone
My love for bagels has re-ignited and I can happily eat them at every point of every single day and that’s the beauty of living alone- no one cares that your diet is shambolic. I joke, I joke (partially). I really enjoy living alone, I have lovely housemates and a great living space. Loneliness and procrastination can become part of your life if you don’t actively combat it, because when you live alone and no one is under any obligation to check if you’re okay so you can fall into the trap of letting your room become a prison. Please don’t. Chat to your family and friends back home, go out, study in the library (if that works for you) and make sure you effectively plan your studying and socialising time (something I’m STILL trying to figure out).
All in all I’m loving University.  I’m meeting all kinds of lovely people and I’m developing as an individual, which is always a good thing. I’ll be back every Thursday from today, updating you on my experiences and the lessons that I’m learning, so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to comment below or ask me any questions about Uni, 6th form, my course etc.
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Itunu x
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