Unwinding before your New Chapter

Monday 15 July 2019, Applicant

by Sophie Gibbons

Unwinding before your New Chapter

Sophie Gibbons

So, by now you would have finished you’re A level exams, your coursework and completely finished college. What are you now planning on doing with all this spare time that not so long ago was primarily revolved around your studies? This is a question I have frequently been asking myself since leaving college two weeks ago.

I have roughly 2 and a half months until I begin University, and within that time I most definitely want to relax and for a minority of the time do absolutely nothing and go on a Netflix binge! But deep down I am a sort of person that does weirdly feel somewhat guilty if I do nothing for too long (my parents would 100% disagree with that statement hahah), so during this Summer I have begun to organise some things I have always wanted to do but have never necessarily had enough time to do whilst being at college because that was my number one priority.

For example, I picked up my Shorthand studies again due to myself being a future Journalism student and I have also dedicated a lot of time into doing research into Nutrition and muscle growth because fitness is randomly something, I have become a lot more interested in.

These things, which may seem extremely boring to someone else are surprisingly my new hobbies which I plan to stick with and develop over this summer! What I am trying to say is, is enjoy your summer whilst trying to become the best version of yourself - cliché I know, but 100% true. Find something you didn’t have time to do before that you always wanted to do whether that be learn a new language, or even something completely out of your comfort zone, because there is no better time than the present. There is no better time than to try something completely new that you enjoy whilst you have no other educational commitments!

I hope you all have a great summer