Veterinarians diagnose and treat animal injuries, diseases and disorders, and advise on preventative action. They may work in practices, specialising according to their location in either a rural or urban area, or in the public sector or associated industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production or drug regulation.


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£ 17,321
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£ 75,473

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What they do most days?

  • Maintains records, raises and forwards reports and certificates in compliance with current legislation.

  • Carries out expert witness work and undertakes teaching of veterinary students.

  • Performs ante-mortem inspection of animals destined for the food chain, and animal post-mortem examinations.

  • Performs tasks relating to food safety policy, regulation of veterinary drugs, quality control of veterinary products.

  • Euthanises old, sick, terminally ill and unwanted animals.

  • Investigates outbreaks of animal diseases and advises owners on feeding, breeding and general care.

  • Administers local or general anaesthetics and performs surgery.

  • Inoculates animals against communicable diseases.

  • Examines animals, diagnoses condition and prescribes and administers appropriate drugs, dressings, etc., and arranges or undertakes any necessary x-ray or other tests.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific, learnable, measurable, often industry or occupation-specific abilities related to a position.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Small Animal Care

  • Surgery

  • Medical Ultrasonography

  • Endoscopy

  • Dental Radiography

  • Orthopedics

  • Quality Improvement

  • Dentistry

  • Electrocardiography

  • Laparoscopy

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be self-taught and usually do not necessitate a certain completed level of education.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Communication

  • Consulting

  • Mentorship

  • Enthusiasm

  • Leadership

  • Customer Service

  • Writing

  • Management

  • Empathy

  • Coaching

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