Business and office administration

Building fundamental business skills is the basis of an apprenticeship in business and office administration. This makes it a great entry point for a career in any organisation.
Zara Khan – Level 4 Project Management Apprenticeship, Walsall Council

What’s an apprenticeship in business and office administration?

Business and office administration apprentices provide valuable support roles within organisations. As an apprentice in this sector, you can expect to learn a variety of skills relating to the day-to-day running of a business, which will be invaluable to any organisation.

With so many possibilities within this sector, an apprentice can dream big when it comes to furthering their career. An apprenticeship means you’ll see how a successful business is run from the ground up. This solid foundation could take you as far as senior management if you choose to go that way, or give you the knowledge to eventually start your own business.

Michael Alford – Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, Bristol City Council

“I’m naturally entrepreneurial and have always had a flare for business and office environments, so this was a good foundational step for me. As I work my way up the corporate ladder, I think it’s important I’ve built a good understanding of what really goes on at the fundamental level of the business.”

Helena Baxter – Apprenticeship Programme Lead, Walsall Council

“Business administration apprenticeships, particularly within central government, build really valuable, transferrable skills that will allow people to develop in any area of the business. They’re also a great base to go on to more specialist roles or pursue a career in leadership and management.”

Who would suit an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in business and office administration are available at intermediate level, for example secretarial and office support roles, through to degree level apprenticeships, including office management and team leader.

As an apprentice, you’ll learn on the job and benefit from the experience of those you work with, making this a great way to get a head-start on the career ladder. Apprenticeships in business and office administration may involve office organisation tasks and liaising with clients, customers and colleagues.

There are business and office administration opportunities in every type of industry making this an incredibly varied career choice. Well known organisations offering these apprenticeships include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), NHS, Compass Group and Transport for London. National and local Government also have many apprenticeships in this sector.

If you like interacting with others, work well in a team, have great organisation and time management skills and love problem-solving, you may suit an apprenticeship in business administration.

Facts and stats

Average salary
The average salary for a business and office administration role in the UK is £25,1981.
Core skills
Business and office administration will give you transferrable skills to move on to more specialist career paths later.
Scope of opportunity
Business office and administration apprenticeships are available in large and small organisations across the UK.
In 2019/20, over 29% of all apprenticeships in the UK started in business, administration or law2.
Core skills
Some apprentices go on to complete further apprenticeships in project management or business development.
Well-known employers for business and office administration apprenticeships include the Government, local councils, the British Army, and the NHS.

Zara Khan – Level 4 Project Management Apprenticeship, Walsall Council

“I’m early on in my career and having so much responsibility can sometimes feel daunting. I understand why it’s important though and I take it seriously, which has been so rewarding. I recently won an award at the BAME Apprenticeship Awards, which was hugely important to me, both professionally and personally.”

Caitlin Wild – Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, Acorn Analytical Services | CMS Vocational Training Ltd

“Being well-prepared got me the apprenticeship. My employer told me they were really impressed with my interview as I proved I was keen and reassured them I was a good fit for the business. So doing your research really does pay off.”

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  • The skills you learn will be useful in every business.
  • It’s a good entry point into a professional setting where you’ll gain a wide range of experience.
  • There are lots of paths you could take, like customer services, procurement or HR.
  • Roles are desk-based, so aren’t always suitable if you like to be on the move.
  • It can be difficult to balance working and studying, so you’ll need good time management skills.
  • It’s a popular industry to undertake an apprenticeship in, so it can be competitive.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Apprentices in this industry help organisations to run smoothly and thrive, that’s vital not only for the businesses themselves but also for the wider economy. As an apprentice, you’ll be gaining a valuable qualification alongside your highly transferable career skills.

You can never go wrong learning fundamental business and administration skills.

Michael Alford, Apprentice at Bristol City Council

As an apprentice you’ll be learning in a real-world environment, as well as in a classroom. Your employer will provide on the job training and support to help you learn the tasks involved in your role and you’ll become a valuable member of their organisation.

Being supported with on-the-job learning will encourage you to thrive in a working environment as well as grow in confidence. You’ll develop interpersonal skills and gain a broader understanding of the more practical elements of your role. 

We want to progress people up and through our organisation and have a 98% retention of staff rate.

Helena Baxter, Employer at Walsall Council

Industry top tips

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