What is a Mental Health Adviser?

This short video tells you more about the role of a Mental Health Adviser at university. You can find

Duration: 01:005 Jun 2024, 14:15

Public health top tips

Watch our top tips on how to get into public health from Ash, an apprentice at Bristol City Council.

Duration: 00:368 Mar 2022, 11:52

Vox-pop: booking a GP appointment

Lucy discusses the importance of registering with a GP and accessing health services, including support

Duration: 00:3725 Mar 2020, 22:20

Vox-pop: keeping fit and healthy

Jose gives his top tips for staying healthy at university, including watching what you eat and getting

Duration: 00:2025 Mar 2020, 22:20

Vox-pop: healthcare at university

Ed talks about the health services available at Bristol University, including accessing your GP and getting

Duration: 00:2825 Mar 2020, 22:15

Health and fitness

Steven tells us how he fits going to the gym into his typical day.

Duration: 00:2029 Oct 2018, 10:10

Exam preparation

What traditions or secrets do students have for the night before an exam? Eat healthy, sleep and relaxing.

Duration: 01:1523 Jun 2018, 02:35

Mature psychology student

Claire Oconnor discusses her experiences at the health and social care faculty at Salford University.

Duration: 04:417 Sept 2017, 08:01