Planning your future


  1. Think about what you enjoy doing day to day – maybe this could be part of a future job role.
  2. Explore jobsites and graduate careers – you might find ideas to work or study towards.
  3. Check our advice and links to other organisations in the alternatives to uni section.

Some of the subjects you can study

Click the image to get the full version, or use the tabs above to see a video and another graphic.

There are lots of courses to consider

Our guide gives you hints on what to think about when you're deciding what course to choose.

Considering a gap year?

There are so many options available – take a look and see what sounds good. Click the image to get the full version.

Decide what's right for you

It might take you a while, but keep thinking about it.

Activities before higher education

Extra-curricular activities are great for demonstrating skills on your UCAS application. Maybe something sporting, creative or musical – possibly with key skills like teamwork. Maybe paid work or volunteering, or an activity resulting in a grade, certificate or accreditation. There's so much available – something for all ages and backgrounds: