Starting your studies

Check you're prepared

When your application is complete, or if you're just waiting for results, you can start preparing for studying.

  • So now’s the time to tick off the last things you need to do.
  • Use the checklist below to see what else you might need to consider.
  • Look into the kinds of social activities and support there'll be on your course too.

Starting your studies

Tips on what to consider before starting your course.

1. Further offer conditions

  • On top of exam results, subjects or grades, course providers might give further conditions.
  • These could be health or financial requirements, DBS checks (formerly CRB) or proof of your qualifications.

2. Finances

3. Accommodation

  • If you’re moving somewhere new make sure you’ve found a place to live.
  • Whether it’s halls or privately rented, think about insurance, a TV licence and any bills or supplies.

4. Travel arrangements

  • If you’re moving across the country you’ll need to plan a date and way to get there with all your stuff.
  • Look into any transport routes you’ll use to get to your campus.

5. Social options

6. Course materials

  • You might need to get books or equipment to take to lectures.
  • Also check if you were given any work to do in preparation – maybe some reading or research.


Course providers can support you with any problems you have, so don’t worry if you’re anxious about anything or you’re not sure what to expect.

Take a look at our support advice and write down contact details for anyone you think you might need to get in touch with.

If you already have everything organised, good luck with your course!