Student finance

We don't arrange tuition fees or student loans, but there's lots of advice here to help you.

Below you'll find info about:

  • course fees
  • finance and funding
  • managing your money

Don't worry if you're not sure how to pay for uni – there's a range of support, and you don't have to pay back loans until you can afford it.

Fees and support can vary if you take an 'equivalent or lower qualification' (ELQ) to one you've already completed – e.g. a second undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate student finance in the UK

An overview of the different fees and loans involved in undergraduate student finance across the UK.

A minute for... interest

Take a minute to watch this animation which explains interest rates and how they'll affect your repayment.

Extra help you may get

You may be able to apply for more help on top of the loans and support mentioned above – regardless of what level of course you're studying.


Find undergraduate, postgraduate and pre-university scholarships on the Scholarship Search website 
Scholarship Search



Students in financial hardship

Contact your course provider to find out how much you might get once you've started a course through:

  • Access to Learning Fund in England
  • Support Funds in Northern Ireland
  • The Discretionary Fund in Scotland
  • The Financial Contingency Fund in Wales

UCAS application fee

We charge a small application fee and some course providers ask us to collect a fee for postgraduate applications.

  • We'll ask you to pay this when you fill in your application.
  • If you're applying for performing arts you will probably also have to pay audition fees.

Managing your money

Take a look at our advice and resources to help you when you start your studies.