UCAS Teacher Training

To teach you need Initial Teacher Education or Training (ITET) based at a university, school or college in the UK.

As an undergraduate: apply through the main undergraduate route.

As a postgraduate: through UCAS Teacher Training

Looking for training programmes starting in 2014? Search and apply for English, Welsh and Scottish courses now.

Looking for training programmes starting in 2015? You’ll be able to apply and search for English and Welsh programmes later this autumn. Scottish courses are now available through our undergraduate scheme.

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Applying for postgrad teacher training?

Watch this video to get an introduction into how to research and apply for training programmes.

The different application routes

There are a few ways to apply for teacher training, depending what type and level you're interested in.

The important dates

Click the image to view the full application flowchart giving you all the important dates you need to know.

Do your research

Your training could be based in a university/college, or mainly in a school.

There are some qualifications and experience you’ll need to have to get a place on a training programme, and some further tests, questions and schemes to join.

Search for training programmes

    Then apply

    You can apply online via the grey button below for an application fee of £19.

    We want to give everyone as good a chance as possible to get a place that's right for them. To help we've divided the process into two parts – Apply 1 and Apply 2.

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    More info

    Use these links if you're looking for extra details about teacher training.

    Teacher training in different countries

    School-led training

    Further education

    Key dates

    15 Sep

    The last date you can submit an application in Apply 1.

    10 Oct

    The last day you can add choices in Apply 2.

    I love seeing teenagers grow and develop. It is demanding but the rewards in terms of seeing pupils develop far outweigh the hard work."

    Sandrine Tonini, newly qualified teacher, Orkney

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    Student finance

    Click here to see the funding options that might be available.

    Student finance and funding

    Providing references

    If you're providing a reference for an applicant here's a guide you can use.

    Guide for referees