Each year, 40,000 LGBT+ students apply to UK higher education.

This report, published in September 2021 by UCAS, in collaboration with Stonewall, analyses the 1 in 13 university applicants who declared they are LGBT+, and the thoughts of almost 3000 students who responded to a UCAS survey on their experiences of education so far and their expectations about starting at university or college.

For many, the transition to education and training presents an opportunity to consider how they discuss their identity. This report explores:

  • the progression characteristics of LGBT+ students, including popular courses, providers,and the relationship with other characteristics. 
  • the experience of LGBT+ students in education to date, and their expectations for higher education.
  • the key influencers of LGBT+ students when making decisions about their future 

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Over 1 in 13
UK domiciled applicants identify as LGBT+
1 in 250
UK domiciled applicants identify as transgender

Eloise Stonborough, Associate Director of Research and Policy at Stonewall

At the turn of the millennium, teaching about LGBTQ+ subjects in schools was still illegal – this trailblazing research highlights the great progress made since then, with schools and colleges promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion

Clare Marchant, UCAS Chief Executive

UCAS is committed to ensuring that education is accessible to all, and I am encouraged that the majority of the 3,000 LGBT+ students who responded to our survey are feeling positive about their next steps in education...

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