UCAS is an independent charity. All our activities are funded by application fees, by universities and colleges, and through gift aid from the profits of our wholly owned commercial subsidiary, UCAS Media Ltd.

Using the income from commercial activity in this way ensures that we can keep application fees for students as low as possible, as well as improving services for all our customers. 100% of profits generated are gift-aided to the charity part of our business.


We always aim to work with companies who share our values and ethos; and provide products and services which are likely to be useful for students. Students receiving information from us have proactively chosen to do so and can easily opt-out at any point if they don’t feel the information is relevant.

If you are a student and have signed up to any UCAS commercial services, you can understand more about how we use your data at ucas.com/optin. You can also view our privacy policy here


We value the data our customers share with us – no personal details are shared with any third parties. We never sell students’ data; we send campaigns on behalf of other organisations. Campaigns are always transparent, stating that the message has come from UCAS on behalf of a client and that we do not endorse any product or service.


We welcome feedback from all customers to make sure UCAS is providing the right information for them. If you would like to share feedback with us, you can contact us at communications@ucas.ac.uk


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