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UCAS Undergraduate search tool 2017
If your students are still looking for 2017 entry courses, please advise them that the 2017 UCAS Undergraduate search tool will close on Monday 2 October. 
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First Final Destination Report now available

The first Final Destination Report showing you the status of your applicants is now available to download. 

Application deadlines

Find all the important dates and deadlines for UCAS Undergraduate and UCAS Conservatoires applications.


Deadlines for UCAS Undergraduate applications

The dates vary between courses and course providers.​

If you're applying through your school/college, please check their deadline, and follow this to get your application in on time. This gives them enough time to read your application, check you've entered your qualifications correctly, write and attach your reference, and submit your application to us.  

Deadlines for music applications to UCAS Conservatoires

Some conservatoires also accept applications for dance, drama and musical theatre courses. These applications run to separate timetables set by the conservatoires – check their websites or contact them for info.