We’re excited to announce the first part of the portal and Hub integration is underway.
Posted Thu 16 March 2023 - 15:22

Very soon you will be able to see those students who have registered via the Hub and consented to share their data cohort in the adviser portal, listed by name and last login. This is the first step in our vision to help you have total oversight of your students' UCAS Hub activity and research, to support their progress.

Students will continue to use the buzzword to link to their application, but to access this pre-applicant information, we have activated a tick box at the point of student registration, so they can start sharing activity with you. 

Next steps

We will be releasing new features to the portal over the coming months, including the ability to identify students' preferences, subjects of interest, view their shortlisted courses, and check who has completed the Careers Quiz. We will also be linking the student event registration activity to the portal, to give advisers complete oversight.


Do you have any feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback in how we can shape our offering in the pre-applicant space for advisers. Contact us by using the Feedback tab on the side of the portal dashboard.

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