Tools and resources for UCAS advisers to help students, and their parents.

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The UCAS widget 

We've created a widget for you to place on your website or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), to direct your students and their parents to key information on

Undergraduate adviser guides

The UCAS Hub

Have your students registered with the UCAS Hub yet? 

We've produced a series of lesson plans to help teachers and advisers guide students through getting the most out of the UCAS Hub, which you can find below:

UCAS Hub lesson plans

Adviser toolkits

These help you pass on vital information to students – with handy tools like classroom exercises and mythbusters.
  • Pre-application toolkit – this will help you introduce higher education to your students, and help you to explain how they go about making an application.
  • Confirmation and Clearing toolkit – everything you need to explain Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment to your students.
  • Application toolkit – all the information you need to submit applications on the behalf of your students.
  • International toolkit – useful for student advisers worldwide and international officers in UK higher education.
  • Supporting care leavers toolkit – this will help you understand what support is available to care leavers and how they can get information and advice when applying to higher education.

There’s also a  parents' evening presentation (23.44 MB) you can use to explain higher education applications.

Handouts for your students and their parents

These are good for downloading, printing or sending to your students and their parents.

Adviser Track

Subscribe to Adviser Track to keep up-to-date with your students’ progress, so you can give them the best advice at the relevant point in the application cycle.


Please note, for the 2020 cycle, our new adviser portal replaces Apply for advisers and Adviser Track, giving you complete oversight of your students’ applications in one system, for free!

We will, however, be offering additional reporting packages for 2020 entry.

View adviser reporting packages for 2020 entry


We offer a number of digital training opportunities for new and experienced teachers and advisers.

Go to our digital training page

Studying overseas

The Go International website aims to support UK higher education by providing the latest policy, research, statistics, case studies and opportunities for study and work abroad. It also contains information on the benefits of international experience, as well as guidance on sources of funding.

Qualification Information Profiles (QIPs)

The digital QIPs include additional UK, EU, and international qualifications. The new UK QIPs added in May and June 2018 are mainly for vocational qualifications, reflecting the changes triggered in this area by the DfE performance measures.

QIPs provide objective, comparable information about qualifications which providers can use to inform decisions about the admission of students. They include a range of information such as size, grading, assessment, structure and content.

For reference purposes, the 2015 EU and international qualifications version remains available in PDF format:

Our 2015 Apprenticeship QIPs will be moved to digital at a later stage and remain available in PDF format:

The QIPs replace the Qualification Guides, which UCAS used to publish. The QIPs provide information in a format agreed with universities. They help to provide information in a clear and consistent format across different qualifications. We have digitised our QIPs to make them more accessible electronically, so that they are user-friendly and efficient to update. Please see our  QIPs document (117.54 KB) for more information.

Education Information Profiles (EIPs) 

The digital EIPs aim to provide objective information on programmes taken as replacement qualifications for GCSEs, A levels, SCQF Level 5 qualifications, and Scottish Highers, to support providers in making informed decisions about the admission of UK students.

UCAS will consider submissions for an EIP for any assessed programme followed by UK students, which is not externally accredited to any of the regulatory frameworks in place in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, for programmes used in place of regulated GCSE, A level, SCQF Level 5, and Scottish Highers.

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