This year, we’re once again offering our direct contact service to applicants – designed to help those who find themselves without a university or college place. For 2019, this service will be available for those eligible for Clearing, helping applicants who find themselves unplaced.

It will allow universities and colleges to make direct contact with unplaced applicants eligible for Clearing, enabling them to speak to applicants and talk to them about places on courses they have available.

While the aim is to help applicants consider places they might otherwise not have been aware of, the service is entirely optional. Students who sign up will still be able to go through Clearing in the same way as previous years, if they want to. It’s important to remember they don’t have to accept any offers they receive, and should consider all their options before committing to a place.

UCAS will ensure protocols and guidelines for contacting applicants are clear.

All current applicants from your centre will receive an email invitation with the option to sign up to this free service. In the event that they fulfil their offer conditions and receive a confirmed place, their name will be removed from the service and they won’t be contacted.

Applicants with predicted or achieved A levels, SQA, International Baccalaureate (IB), Access to HE, and BTEC qualifications are included.

Direct contact service FAQs


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