Develop your skills as an adviser

Practical tips when planning and delivering HE advice and guidance to your students, from securing speakers to arranging work experience. Plus, useful careers resources and recommended tools to embed into your day-to-day work.

Help students find work experience

Find out how to make sure students' work experience placements are worthwhile, suitable and give them something useful to take away.


New to careers advice? Get started here

How can you improve your careers advice skills? Use our advice as a starting point.


How to have positive career discussions

Essential advice for form tutors on how to have positive career discussions with your students.


Events and summer schools to prepare students for higher education

Some tried and tested ideas for organising events in schools and colleges.


How to advise students about GCSE choices

Our quick guide will help you understand the facts about GCSE choices and how to advise your students.


GCSE choices: Practical ways to guide students

If you're advising Year 9s about their GCSE options, our advice will help you guide them.


Finding and organising speakers for your students

External speakers can add real value to what you do – read on to find out how to organise them in your school.


University events for school and college students

Uni events and activities that will help students decide on their HE options.


How to link your subject to the world of work

How to make your subject relevant to the world of work for your students.


How past students can inspire current students

How to keep in touch with past students and make the most of their experiences.