Help your students get into uni

From entry requirements, course choices, to personal statement techniques, make sure your students have everything they need to successfully apply to university.

Getting into uni without A levels

A levels aren't the only option out there to take your students to university.


Personal statement techniques

How can you support your students to write the perfect personal statement? We've rounded up the best personal statement techniques, tools, and resources...


Student budget planner 

Managing finances at university can be a challenge – set your students on the right path with this simple student budget planner.


Degree courses where work experience is essential

We explain which degree courses class work experience as an essential entry requirement.


Careers advice and guidance activities to support students with SEND

Expert advice and best practice suggestions on how to support your students with SEND in their career development.


Student bursaries, scholarships, and financial support

As well as receiving loans to help cover tuition fees and living costs, your students may also be eligible to receive financial support they don't have to pay back.


Destination University toolkit 

Access a free toolkit, designed to help more young people into university.