UCAS reference writing

Useful tips and advice on writing UCAS references – how to focus on positives, common challenges, predicted grades, and what to consider for vocational and IB students.

Writing a positive and tailored reference 

One of the key factors in successful UCAS reference writing is to focus on positives rather than negatives. 


Common challenges

Find answers to the most common problems and questions advisers face when writing a UCAS reference.


Covering background information and predicted grades

Unsure about what background information to include on a reference, or what to say about predicted grades? Our guide helps you navigate the information.


Writing UCAS references for BTEC and vocational students

What you need to consider when writing a reference for a student taking a vocational course.


Writing UCAS references for International Baccalaureate students

Advice and tips on how to write a reference for an International Baccalaureate student.