Information and resources for teachers to help students choose their post-16 education and training. Use UCAS Progress to find local courses.
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How you can help your students

There are lots of different ways for your students to train or continue their education. It's important they decide on a direction that's right for them. 

For many young people making their post-16 choices is the first time they make important decisions which affect their future.

Have a look at our quick start guide to see what you need to do to get started with UCAS Progress.

To help students we’ve put together information and advice so they can make informed choices and get ready to search for courses and make their applications. This includes:

We've also compiled useful classroom resources to help you get them thinking about what to do next. 

UCAS Progress Search and Apply

UCAS Progress Search provides details of the post-16 courses and places to study in your area. Search covers all options — academic courses, such as A levels through to vocational courses such as BTECs, and work-based training like apprenticeships.

If your students are registered with us, they can apply online and you can receive applications for your courses.

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