This UCAS toolkit is designed to help you pass on key information about Confirmation, Clearing, and Adjustment to your students and their parents.
How to use Clearing
Make an application through the Clearing process.
Why can't I add a Clearing choice in Track?
Adding a Clearing choice in Track.
I've had my exam results - why hasn't Track updated?
Exam results in Track.
How to use Adjustment
If you've met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you may be able to use Adjustment to find an alternative course. This guide explains what Adjustment means and whether you're eligible.
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Useful information for advisers

  • Confirmation, Clearing, and Adjustment brochure (983.54 KB) – a must-read document for advisers, packed with all the latest information for 2019.
  • The Exam Results Helpline is back for August 2019! If your students receive unexpected exam results, encourage them to get in touch. The opening times differ depending on where you’re based in the UK – take a look.
  • New for Confirmation and Clearing 2019 – online self-release into Clearing. Instead of applicants having to contact and wait for their chosen university or college to release them in to Clearing, applicants can now do this themselves, saving valuable time. It will be available to all placed applicants from 5 July 2019 in Track. Learn more

  • Results days emails for advisers – on SQA and A level results days, we will email Adviser Track subscribers with a list of students who have not had their places confirmed. We are only able to offer this where applicants are taking qualifications with which UCAS has a formal Awarding Body Linkage. Not yet subscribed to Adviser Track? It’s not too late!

  • Results days emails for applicants – following the success of last year’s emails, we will once again be sending applicants timely emails on SQA and A level results days to support their decision-making. Dependent on the status of their application, they will receive useful links and relevant information – whether they are placed, unplaced, or conditional (still awaiting a decision). View example emails for applicants (795.4 KB)
  • Extra – if any of your students have used all five choices, and aren’t holding any offers, they can add another choice using Extra – available now until 4 July.
  • Direct contact service – we’re once again offering our direct contact service to applicants. For 2019, this service will be available for those eligible for Clearing, helping applicants who find themselves unplaced.

Resources for your students and their parents, carers, or guardians

  • Lesson exercises covering  Confirmation (58.99 KB) Clearing (95.3 KB) Adjustment (94.89 KB), and the  answers (68.02 KB)These are designed to encourage applicants to look into the possible outcomes and decisions they’ll have to make on results days.
  • Posters covering the direct contact service (34.79 KB) Clearing (1.05 MB) and  Adjustment (453.26 KB) – these can be displayed around your school or college to give students information on each of the services and how to find out more.
  • Parent communication (1.11 MB) – useful information which you can copy and share through your communication channels with students’ parents, guardians, and carers. It provides all the key pointers, which will hopefully ensure they’re more informed and know what to expect on results days.

  • FAQs – providing clarity on frequently asked questions in the lead up to results days, and could also be used to prompt discussions in the classroom.

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