Use this guide to help you manage your group booking(s) for UCAS exhibitions.

Top tips to get your group members registered

  • All students need to have a UCAS Hub account to register for an event - to provide your students with a more personalised experience prior to attending the events and with their onward journey with UCAS, we are asking all your students to register with the UCAS Hub before registering for an event. This can be done in advance or at the same time as registering for an event by visiting
  • Students should use their personal email address to register so they can get updates all year round and when they finish school.

There are 2 ways you can invite your students and colleagues to register: 

Group member registration options

How to use group booking

Once you login to your booking, you will see the following screen:


Session details section  

  1. Booking Ref - your unique booking reference.
  2.  Session – session time slot(s) booked for your group – you may have more than one session booked. You only need to book your arrival time. You can stay at the event as long as you wish.  
  3. Allocation - number of tickets reserved for your group.  
  4. Used - number of individuals registered for your group.  
  5. Actions – Add (register) an adviser, change your group leader (to another registered adviser) or cancel the session you have booked.  
  6. Session details - current page is under a dark grey tab.  
  7. Email invitations – click this tab to invite your students and advisers (group members) to register for their personal ticket.  
  8. Your school name and the event you are managing.

A downloadable risk assessment is also added to this page, four weeks prior to the event.  

Email invitations section


  1. New Invite – this option allows you to add individuals and invite them manually to register. Individuals receive an email with a personal link. This expires in two weeks. Click ‘Resend Incomplete’ to resend emails to your list.  
  2. Upload invite list – click this option to upload an Excel file of your contacts to bulk invite - a template file is available to download from this page to help you. When uploading an excel file there only needs to be two columns, with column headings as shown (a template file is available to download): 


    • You will need to upload a list of students and separate list of advisers.
    • Select ‘adviser’ or ‘student’ to define the type of contacts you are uploading.
    • Select the timeslot you are inviting your contacts too.

    Once uploaded, your contacts are automatically sent an email with a personal link (which expires in two weeks) to register as part of your group booking./p>

  3. Resend Incomplete – click to resend emails to your list of people who have not registered.
  4. Export List – you can export a list of all the invitees and their status.
  5. Status – ‘Waiting’ shows that an invitation has been sent. ‘Accepted’ will appear when the individual has registered.


Need help?

If you have any questions or need support with your booking, please contact us:


Telephone: 01242 544 808