How to find apprenticeships in Wales

Find out where to search for apprenticeships in England, and how to choose the right apprenticeship for you.

You can find apprenticeships in Wales on the gov.wale's Find an Apprenticeship service. You can look at all vacancies, just the ones in your area, or just at the type of jobs you are interested in.

Many apprenticeships will be advertised on this site, but it is also worth searching employers’ websites, as well as local job and recruitment advertisements.  

Start your apprenticeships search:

Some vacancies are ‘open to applications’. Details and instructions on how to apply are in the vacancy details. Read our advice and tips on applying for apprenticeships.
Some vacancies may be ‘open to expressions of interest’. This means you can let the employer know you’re interested in this apprenticeship now, and you will be contacted as soon as it's open to applications. Details and instructions on how to express your interest in a vacancy are in the vacancy details.

Some vacancies will just give you advance notice of when they will open to applications – so make a note of the dates for any you’re interested in. 
Degree and higher apprenticeships are only available in limited numbers. It's anticipated the number of vacancies will grow over the next year or two. If you decide a degree or higher apprenticeship is the right choice for you, you may want to research the wider range of apprenticeship vacancies being advertised now, and consider starting one of these.  

Choosing an apprenticeship

It's important to do thorough research and make sure you find the perfect apprenticeship for you.  You’ll be starting a challenging job and trying to prove yourself in the workplace, while getting to grips with studying for a higher or degree level qualification.

You’ll be expected to achieve academically and at work, managing your time and adjusting to longer hours, with fewer holidays than at school, college, or university.

You might have to travel or relocate to find the right opportunity for you. 

It’s an important decision, and getting it right will kick-start your career. If you think an apprenticeship might be right for you, no matter what career path you want to follow, you need to do your research and find out if there’s a way to get to the career or job role you want through an apprenticeship. 

How to find the right apprenticeship for you

  1. Draw up a list of the sorts of apprenticeship roles you’re looking for: focus on the sort of work and career pathway you want to follow. See the range of apprenticeships available in Wales and check out our What’s available? section for details on each of the degree apprenticeships.
  2. Research the job role: it’s important to find out as much as you can about the job role, industries, and employers offering apprenticeships, as well as the career path it could lead to. Find out more information about different careers, the list of occupations available, or the careers and job trends sections on Careers Wales Service.  Take note of the entry requirements and make sure that an apprenticeship is a valid pathway into your chosen career.
  3. Find two or three vacancies for the kind of apprenticeships you’re interested in: browse vacancies on gov.wale's Find an Apprenticeship service and look into the details of each apprenticeship you’re considering.


Amy, Level 3 rugby development apprentice

The apprenticeship was amazing. I loved it. I loved everyone I worked with and have met people I can call friends for life. Meeting new people and making connections with people - not just friends but coaches - and working in the rugby industry, that will be beneficial for years to come. The job required me to be independent and take responsibility. I was chucked in at the deep end - I’d have to react and adapt quickly. That boosts your confidence every single time. It improved my decision making too.

Key points to investigate

  • What is the apprenticeship and job role – does it fit what you’re looking for?
  • Find out about the employer – is it the type of company you want to work for?
  • Find out about the training provider, college, or university where you could be studying. 
  • What qualifications, subjects, and grades are they looking for?
  • What essential/desirable skills and experience do they ask for, and what qualities are they are looking for in applicants?
  • Does the job require you to work in different locations, or would you need to move away from home for work?
  • What is the pay or salary, and do they offer any other benefits or facilities you can use?
  • For you, what are the three most and least positive aspects of this apprenticeship or job opportunity?

You can do further research by checking out the employer’s website for any details and information you want. Remember, you can contact the employer, university, college, or training provider, if you’re considering an apprenticeship, to ask any questions you have.

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