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Traineeships and school leaver programmes

What are traineeships and school leaver programmes, and how can they help you get an apprenticeship or a job? Find out here.
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About traineeships

Traineeships were introduced in August 2013 for 16-23 year olds and young people with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to academic age 25.
  • They provide the essential work preparation training, literacy and numeracy skills, and work experience needed to get an apprenticeship or other job.
  • Traineeships last from six weeks to six months – with content tailored to your individual career needs.

About school leaver programmes

School leaver programmes give you a direct route into the world of work post-18.
  • The benefits of going straight into work are numerous and begin with earning a wage while you're learning – both on the job and formally.
  • There are also the benefits of learning new skills, meeting new people, travelling, and gaining the confidence and capabilities that come with working with people older and more knowledgeable than you.
  • Often employers will offer post-18 job options which allow you to develop into exactly the same end role as a graduate – just by taking a different route which may be better suited to you.
  • A typical school leaver programme will last between 12 months and five years, and may include obtaining a qualification as part of the programme objectives.

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