Back to uni 2021

Students preparing to start university in 2021 have faced challenges like no other cohort. But they’ve shown themselves to be resilient, determined and they’re getting ready to make the most of their uni experience.

Reach the next generation of students

More students, more spending

On average, students spent £2,110 on items ahead of starting uni last year - even more than the pre-pandemic cohort of 2019. With applicant numbers well up in 2021, pre-uni spending is set to get even bigger.

Student pre-uni purchase intentions 2021

(Source: UCAS pulse survey)

Reach students now or miss out

Despite the extreme uncertainty of 2020, last year’s freshers were researching and buying products for uni well before the autumn. Early buying will likely be more pronounced this year and 92% of 2021 applicants we’ve surveyed say they’ll start buying items before getting to campus.

Applicant uni product research/purchasing 2020:

(Source: UCAS student lifestyle survey)

Connect at just the right moment

From accepting a university offer to getting final grades, applicants experience some big moments in these pre-uni months. But not all journeys follow the same path, so knowing which students to reach (and when) is crucial for brands aiming to make a lifelong connection. 

Student pre-uni celebration purchase plans 2021

(Source: UCAS pulse survey)

Students want brand offers and info 

We asked 2021 applicants which brands they’d most like to hear from about back to uni or end of school/college celebration products and deals. With almost 600 different brands named, now’s the time to get in touch with those students who love what you’ve got to offer – whether it’s a uni essential or a special treat.

Top 30 Back to Uni brands 2021

  1. Apple
  2. ASOS
  3. Nike
  4. Amazon
  5. IKEA
  6. Currys PC World
  7. WHSmith
  8. HP
  9. Samsung
  10. Tesco
  11. Microsoft
  12. Adidas
  13. Dell
  14. H&M
  15. Zara
  16. Urban Outfitters
  17. Boots
  18. Argos
  19. JD
  20. PrettyLittleThing
  21. Boohoo
  22. John Lewis
  23. Primark
  24. Asda
  25. Superdrug
  26. Waterstones
  27. Paperchase
  28. New Look
  29. Wilko
  30. Dunelm

(Source: UCAS pulse survey)

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