We help brands get noticed by millions of young people each year. From extending reach to new cohorts, or identifying particular groups who'd love your brand, our unrivalled data and multichannel campaigns can help your business stand out.

Build early relationships for lifetime value

Enjoy our unique access to millions of young people to convert new customers into lifelong fans. In one year alone, our website sees over 24,000,000 unique sessions* and over 1,000,000 young people register with us each year. We only work with busineses who align with our values, so they trust the brands we present.

Connect when they’re most engaged

We understand who young people are and what they want, as well as when they’re most likely to research and buy items for uni and apprenticeships. From events to digital campaigns, we’ll create a channel mix that connects your products and services with your target audience, when they’re most open to and interested in buying from new brands.

Reach the right audience

Place your brand in front of particular audiences when it matters most. Our precision-targeted campaigns – including over 200 audience filters – will help you identify, understand and reach those that will connect with your brand.   

We understand trends in spending

We know that young people are preparing for and arriving at university with open minds, ready to enrich their lives with new phones, laptops, bank accounts, homewares, fashion and much more. We asked about their favourite brands and, once again, sustainability is front of mind. They’re loyal to ‘any brand that is sustainable or environmentally friendly’. Promoting your authentic ethics is important if you want to gain the trust of this savvy audience. Discover more in our Freshers Report 2022.
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Unique access to a huge audience

Make the most of smart, high-quality customer acquisition solutions that blend into young people's decision-making journey. From events and digital campaigns to sponsorships and more – our packages enable brands of all shapes and sizes to identify and engage directly with millions of young people, as well as their influencers.

Over 1,000,000 young people registered each year

Over 30,000 school advisers and parents

Over 500,000 social media followers

First-class campaign results

Our campaigns achieve unrivalled results because our audiences trust what we say and are highly engaged on our channels.
  • Up to an impressive 80% email open rate 
  • Over 7,800,000 unique email opens 
  • Over 400,000 unique email and display ad clicks 
Figures are from 2021 campaigns and student journey emails.

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Think smartly for the future

Differentiate your brand through front-line strategies that give you the competitive edge. We combine extensive data insights and unrivalled youth audience expertise to help brands develop savvy plans to connect with the right students, long-term.  
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