Following the success of our Clearing Choices Podcast series, our Apprenticeships Podcast Series gives you the chance to promote your brand to our database of around 700,000 students searching for their future path.

10 podcasts, 8 opportunities

Sponsor and take part in an apprenticeships podcast coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week 2023. Promote your brand to our unrivalled student audience.

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Popular apprenticeship subjects

We'll cover popular subjects that students want to know about. Apprenticeships aren't as familiar to them as traditional degrees – we'll deep dive into the experience of work/study life.

Sponsored by your brand

We're excited to get apprenticeship employers involved. We'll invite a representative from your company to join our panel of experts, to showcase what your organisation can offer to students. Or we'll include a line spoken for you by our host.

Choose an episode to sponsor

After two introductory podcasts, there are 8 themed episodes available for sponsorship (select your preference when you submit your interest).

  1. Is an apprenticeship right for me?
  2. Apprenticeship applications and interviews
  3. Health and science apprenticeships with your company
  4. Business and administration apprenticeships with your company
  5. Law, finance and accounting apprenticeships with your company
  6. Engineering apprenticeships with your company
  7. Creative and design apprenticeships with your company
  8. Education and childcare apprenticeships with your company
  9. Digital (ICT) apprenticeships with your company
  10. Sports apprenticeships with your company

Each episode will be approximately 20 minutes long – hosted on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Samsung Podcasts, Android Podcasts, Podcast addict, and more…

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Your sponsorship package includes

3 promotions in pre-applicant emails

2 during National Apprenticeship Week 2023

1 at the beginning of autumn term

All targeting your preferred subjects

3 promotions in applicant emails

1 during National Apprenticeship Week 2023

1 during Clearing

1 to unplaced students

All targeting your preferred subjects

5 social snippets and tags to your channel

Reaching 152K people on Twitter

43.7K on Insta

32K on LinkedIn

320K on Facebook

A podcast landing page mention

Hosted on YouTube/ for 12 months

Linking to your Employer Profile page

Branding on the podcast video

Including title promotion (the name of your company)

During the intro/outro slides

Two sponsorship options
  1. Promotional line from host, brand in title, and watermarks
  2. Panelist, name in title, and social tags

Sponsor our Apprenticeships Podcasts

If you're interested in sponsoring our apprenticeships podcasts and/or would like to find out more, please let us know below. The deadline for expressing your interest is 7 November 2022.

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