Tap into the UK's biggest talent pool of students and graduates. They’re savvy, flexible and bring fresh skills and perspectives. From apprentices and graduate roles to work placements and internships, we’ll connect your organisation to the people who can make it thrive.

Make their next step a key to your success

Showcase your hottest vacancies on our unique Career Finder tool. Communicate with thousands of skilled young people searching for apprenticeships, internships and graduate opportunities.

70,000+ monthly users actively searching for their perfect role

17,000 job applications submitted each month

Over 1,000,000 students register with UCAS each year

Statistics from UCAS' Career Finder

We're doing for apprenticeships what we've been doing for higher education for 30 years

Apprentices are among the best and boldest people out there. They're doers. They're ambitious. They're future CEOs. Accessing apprenticeships in the UK can be a complicated journey, but we're making it easier than ever. We'll help you connect more effectively to candidates looking for your opportunities.

“UCAS is a key partner in supporting apprenticeship recruitment for Virgin Media. Through Career Finder job listings and targeted email outreach UCAS can pinpoint exactly the right audience for our roles.”

Recruiter, Virgin Media

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Get your brand noticed

Get your values out there in an employer profile to attract the best and brightest minds to your brand. Place your business first and foremost in the minds of students and graduates as they choose where they want to make a difference.

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We have their attention

Whether you want to attract students who'd suit your graduate or apprenticeship schemes, or identify future talent, we have the full attention of those keen to understand their progression options. From simple email campaigns, direct mail, and display advertising – to the complete packages below – our data underpins a range of specialist services. 
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