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Our research shows us that the biggest challenge employers face is finding apprentices who are the right fit for their industry and organisation. 

With UCAS’ new matching service, Talent Finder, we can connect your apprenticeship opportunities with the perfect candidates. 

With half of the 1.3 million students who register with UCAS each year indicating they are interested in apprenticeships, you can tap into this huge dataset to create a talent pool of individuals with the exact qualifications, skillsets characteristics, and locations you're searching for. 

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With UCAS Talent Finder you can:

  • search for candidates interested in apprenticeships by location, industry of interest, skills, and GCSE English and maths qualifications 
  • proactively push your role to people who meet your specific criteria 
  • reach candidates early in their decision-making journey  
  • adjust your criteria until you find candidates who fit your role  
  • diversify your workforce with a tool that enables you to achieve internal equality and diversity measures 
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How does UCAS Talent Finder match employers with apprentices?

UCAS Talent Finder connects prospective apprentices and employers by allowing apprentices to sign up for personalised vacancy alerts matching their preferences.

Employers build custom talent pools, and our matching service links them with the right candidates, sending timely alerts with role details.

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