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2022 newsletters

July (1.02MB) Clearing performance 3 weeks in, creative best practice.
June (1.19MB) Latest PAD 23 numbers, student sentiment post May DBD.
May (1.4MB) Creative examples that work, pre-Clearing opportunities.
April (1.22 MB) Unplaced 2022 applicants and PAD 2023.
March (1.24 MB) Applicant and registrant mindset post-January deadline.
February (2.72 MB) Clearing survey report and end of cycle data 2021.
January (1.18 MB)  Unplaced applicants and apprenticeships. 


2021 newsletters

December (6.13 MB) End of Cycle and November status
November (4.84 MB) Placed survey results, latest from
October (6.34 MB) Clearing survey results, PAD22
September (7.6 MB) Day 28 key findings 2021, PAD 22
August (4.98 MB) PAD 22, Student Decision Reports 
July (7.88 MB) International student mindset, June deadline analysis, Clearing creatives
June (6.87 MB) Discovery Days, UCAS/Unibuddy masterclass
May¬† (4.8 MB) Virtual open days, Extra/unplaced applicants 
April (4.86 MB) Student Lifestyle Report, PAD 21


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