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  1. 12 Dec

    Planning for Clearing 2024: Key insights and inventory

    Get a head start with your 2024 Clearing recruitment strategy and join our first Clearing webinar on 12 December at 11:00

    David Penney, Director of Marketing, Rebecca Hopwood, Head of Customer Growth, and Jo Richards, Senior Insights Lead, are set to unveil the new insights from Clearing 2023 and explore strategies to help you overcome key market challenges leading up to 2024.

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    1. market trends and student sentiment you need to know 
    2. how we’re shaping our Clearing media offer, ahead of January release
    3. your next steps as our Clearing inventory booking window opens 

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Previous webinars


  1. 05 Dec

    Do you really know what’s driving future students’ decision making?

    During our recent webinar, we were joined by Katharina Wittgens from Innovation and Max Longstaff from Hybrid. Together we explored several recommendations for Higher Education providers, including:  

    • Displaying how the university route will enable young people to reach their goals – from showcasing skills they will develop, to understanding the financial opportunities and costs involved. 

    • Personalising information to align with the current stage of their educational journey. 

    • How you can leverage your stories to effectively connect with and engage the student audience. 

    Watch the playback 

  2. 09 Nov

    Preparing for your future cohort

    During this webinar Kyle Campbell (Education Marketer) joined UCAS to discuss the findings from Project Next Generation and explore the recommendations to help you shape your future recruitment strategies. If you missed this webinar you can now watch the playback

    View the slides (1.11 MB)

    Watch the playback 

  3. 25 Oct

    How to supercharge your events marketing


    Excitement, knowledge, and inspiration - just some of what the next generation of students are searching for at UCAS Discovery events.

    Our Director of Marketing, Dave Penney and our Head of Events, Aimee Okafor were joined by industry experts, Jim Tudor, Founder, Future Index & Strategy Director, Waterfall and Aimee Kleinman - Education Marketing Consultant, SMRS, to discuss our recently launched UCAS Events Playbook as well as advice, ideas, and inspiration on how to catch the eyes of 160,000 students and help you get the maximum value out of UCAS events. 


    Here are just some of the key takeaways from the webinar:

    1.    Think about stand engagement and make sure your staff are confident, friendly and fully briefed. 
    2.    Ensure that you make your exhibition stand part of your wider recruitment strategy. 
    3.    A simple, well-executed idea that grabs attention can start a conversation. You don't have to break the bank.





  4. 28 Sep

    How to Influence the Class of 2024

    All set to recruit the class of 2024?

    If you missed the ‘How to Influence the Class of 2024’ webinar last week.

    Thanks to those of you who joined ‘How to Influence the Class of 2024’ last week.

    The slides and webinar are now available to view on demand. Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar:

    •            Young people are looking for relatable content that can inspire their future choices

    •            Parents are highly influential in guiding students choices

    •            Young people's choices are strongly driven by future happiness

    •            Social media is the number one platform students are using for inspiration and information    


  5. 13 Sep

    The State of Student Email

    “Email is dead...” Or is it? 

    It’s a common misconception that students don’t read their emails, leading marketers to believe that the effort outweighs the benefit.  

    But – they read them. They digest them. They make life-changing decisions based on them.  

    Kyle Campbell, Founder of Education Marketer, joins us as we discuss a new report on ‘The State of Student Email’.  

    We dive into the data behind the publication and share insight into the role email plays in student recruitment, with tactics to create cut-through, increase engagement and convert.      


  6. 23 Jun

    Maximising conversion – what students really think

    Do you know the real reasons students choose to accept or decline your offer? Understand what's important to this year's applicants with real-time responses at the moment it matters - so you can optimise your recruitment and conversion strategies based on real feedback.


  7. 25 May

    Clearing 2023 predictions and planning

    What can we expect from Clearing? Discover UCAS' application and subject predictions based on the latest data, as well as existing and new opportunities to reach students.

    Join our marketing and student recruitment experts and get ready to head confidently into Clearing 2023.


  8. 16 May

    Creating meaningful connections – define and reach your future students

    Reliance on local area or losing market share can be a challenge for many universities and colleges. Discover how you can regain lost share, grow in successful locations, and expand your reach to new areas – and how these data-driven insights feed into campaigns for positive impact.

    Discover migration trends from previous cycles, how we establish suitable applicants for your institution (and how many you could expect to achieve) with Untapped Geographies, as well as future opportunities to target specific groups. You’ll also hear from Teesside University on how this insight informed their campaigns and led to success.