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  1. 24 Jul

    Confirmation and Clearing readiness

    Our Service Delivery Managers, Andy Frampton and Louise Cyprien, provide all the key information you need ahead of Confirmation and Clearing, including:

    • your key preparations 
    • what to expect and when 
    • a checklist for your preparations


  2. 11 Jul

    30 June deadline data release

    On Tuesday 11 July we were joined by Richard O’Kelly, Head of Research and Reporting, David Penny, Director of Marketing and Ben Jordan, Head of Policy, Joanne Richards, Senior Insights Lead and Rebecca Hopwood, Head of Customer Growth, as they explored the following as we move towards Clearing 2023:

    • What is the 30 June deadline data showing?
    • What can we expect to see for C&C this year?
    • How does this data correlate with the project of a million applicants?


  3. 11 Jul

    The 2023 C&C applicant journey

    On Tuesday 11 July we were joined by joined by Lynsey Hopkins, Head of Operations, and Courteney Sheppard, Head of Customer Contact, as they delved into the 2023 Confirmation and Clearing journey. During the webinar they looked at:

    • What does the 2023 C&C journey look like for applicants?
    • What is different for HE providers?


  4. 27 Jun

    Good practice for upholding the embargo

    Lynsey Hopkins, Head of Operations, and Andy Frampton, Service Delivery Manager discussed the results embargo and provided: 

    • key dates 
    • good practice for upholding the embargo 
    • a recap of what to expect for 2023 C&C
  5. 20 Jun

    An update on 2023 grading

    Ben Jordan, Head of Policy hosted a session with all four nations' regulators.

    In this playback you will hear from the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment (CCEA) and Qualifications Wales (QW). This provided the following:

    • an overview of the 2023 grading approach
    • changes for 2023 (if any)


  6. 25 May

    Clearing 2023 predictions and planning

    What can we expect from Clearing? Discover UCAS' application and subject predictions based on the latest data, as well as existing and new opportunities to reach students.

    Join our marketing and student recruitment experts and get ready to head confidently into Clearing 2023.


  7. 03 May

    Admissions update: towards Confirmation and Clearing 2023

    During this session Andy Frampton, Service Delivery Manager (Results), and Louise Cyprien, Service Delivery Manager (Admissions), discussed the following: : 

    • Your upcoming key dates for the 2023 cycle. 
    • Changes and enhancements to Clearing Plus.  
    • When you can expect results this summer. 
    • Confirmation pending decision. 

    View the slides (626.19 KB)

    Watch the playback

  8. 02 Feb

    Preparing for Clearing success: expert panel Q&A

    Get views about Clearing 2023 from some of the most experienced and successful student recruiters in the UK, in this Q&A webinar session led by Head of Customer Contact, Courteney Sheppard.


  9. 26 Jan

    Choosing and optimising Clearing media

    Take a deep dive into Clearing media for 2023 as Dave Penney (Director of Marketing) is joined by a team of experts to discuss latest marketing best practice and answer queries about our multichannel packages.


  10. 18 Jan

    Clearing release 2023: Essential insights and inventory

    Clare Marchant (CEO), Rebecca Hopwood (Head of Customer Growth – Education) and Jo Richards (Senior Insights Lead) guide you through key market trends and student sentiment, details of our Clearing media packages, and what to do next as the window to choose your inventory opens.



  11. 14 Dec

    Clearing 2023 preview

    Three key insights we shared during this session:

    1. There are 3 types of Clearing student to consider – unplaced on results day; direct to Clearing; decline my place. 1 in 3 of those placed in Clearing used decline my place in 2022 – around 20,000 students.
    2. Early awareness is key to recruiting Clearing students – two thirds started researching the provider they ended up at before August 2022. Direct to Clearing and decline my place applicants increasingly plan use of those routes in advance.
    3. Multiple channels are needed to reach students across Clearing – in 2022, channels like social media and helped them find providers in the 'passive' discovery phase; UCAS search and provider websites became important during 'active' research.