UCAS offers a unique and trusted media ecosystem designed and built around the student application journey.

Supporting 1.5M verified new students every year

UCAS plays a unique role in supporting young people as they make decisions on their future – we are their trusted guide in a complex world. 

To support them, we’ve engineered a unique media ecosystem, comprising of multiple channels to offer advice and guidance at all the points our audience need it the most – both on and offline.

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Working with UCAS gives brands an opportunity to...

Connect with an audience always in decision mode

The unique relationship we have with young people, the trust they place in us to guide them and all the touchpoints they need our service for, results in media performance that outperforms benchmarks 

We can offer you multi-channel opportunities that are targeted, segmented, and tailored to your unique objectives to ensure you reach the right audience, in the right way across: 

Website       Events      Email & direct mail       Social media

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