Yousef Sadat – Postgraduate (international)

Yousef comes from Iran, and is studying for a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I chose to study in the UK because I had always heard about the excellent reputation of British universities, and I knew it could help me achieve my long-term goal of becoming a chartered engineer. I wanted to be a part of this incredible academic community to conduct research at world-leading research institutions. Furthermore, the perspective of studying at an international hub and collaborating with people from different backgrounds always motivated me to pursue this route.

Was there anything else that you gained from your time in the UK that has helped you on the path to success?

During my studies, I was not only learning inside the classroom but also outside the classroom. At the award-winning Sheffield Students’ Union, I had the opportunity to join over 200 societies and even take responsibilities in their committees. I held positions at 'Engineers Without Borders' as a secretary and at the 'International Students’ Committee' as a middle-eastern representative, both of which enhanced my organisational and interpersonal skills and helped to expand my network of people. Living in the UK away from my family taught me how to live independently, and cope with different problems and learn from them.

What does the future hold for you?

I am currently finishing off my master's research and I will start my PhD in a few months time. After completing my PhD, I will look to start a career in industry, to become a chartered engineer. However, as I would like to pursue further research in the university, my intention is to return as a post-doctoral researcher and unite my research skills with my industrial experience to have a successful career in academia, with close links to the industry.

What is your advice for other international students like yourself?

My biggest advice is to get involved with the university life as much as you can. Do your best to excel in academic life and look for opportunities outside the classroom that can teach you numerous skills which can be added to your skill-set. As most of the UK universities are an international community, there is a great opportunity to expand your network in different countries around the world and learn from people who come from a different background than yours.

This case study was originally posted by the University of Sheffield and is published with kind permission.