Building lasting brand awareness: The key to successful student accommodation marketing

Thursday 31 August 2023, Accommodation

Building lasting brand awareness: The key to successful student accommodation marketing

Unlock successful student accommodation marketing by building lasting brand awareness. Focus on values, lifestyle, and community to create a strong market presence. Discover actionable strategies for 1 to 3-year campaigns, elevating your business.

When it comes to promoting student accommodation properties, it's common to see a heavy emphasis on keeping up with sales targets. While immediate conversions are undeniably important, it's equally vital to invest in building brand awareness over time. By centring your efforts around your brand values, highlighting the people and lifestyle connected to your property, and nurturing your audience, you can establish a formidable and enduring presence in the market. 

Let’s explore the importance of cultivating brand awareness and actionable strategies for running long-term campaigns that can effectively connect with potential residents over a span of 1 to 3 years, perfectly aligning with the duration of a university course. Continue reading to unveil the power of sustained brand development and its potential impact on your student accommodation business.

Understanding the importance of brand awareness

Brand awareness goes beyond merely promoting your properties; it's about building a distinct identity that resonates with your target audience. When students and their parents are searching for accommodation, they are more likely to choose a brand they recognise and trust. By investing time and effort into cultivating brand awareness, you can set yourselves apart  from competitors and position your accommodation options as the top choice for students.

Showcasing your brand values

Start by defining your brand values  what your brand stands for and the unique experience it offers. Do you prioritise a safe and inclusive environment? Are you committed to sustainability? Highlighting these values will attract like-minded individuals and create a sense of loyalty towards your brand. Consider featuring these values on your website, social media channels, and marketing materials consistently.

Putting people and lifestyle at the core

Students aren't just looking for a place to stay; they seek a vibrant and enriching lifestyle during their university years. Showcase the experiences and opportunities that living in your accommodation can offer. Share stories of past and current residents, their achievements, and the sense of community they experience. Utilise social media platforms to share engaging content that portrays the vibrant lifestyle your accommodation fosters.

Nurturing your audience

Building brand awareness takes time and effort. Regularly engage with your audience through various channels, such as social media, newsletters, and blog posts. Provide valuable content that goes beyond sales pitches. For example, you can create guides for students transitioning to university life, tips for successful studying, or information about the local area and events. By nurturing your audience, you stay relevant in their minds and create a lasting impression.

The power of long-term campaigns

Rather than relying on one-time sales emails, consider creating campaigns that run over an extended period. Multi-channel campaigns, utilising platforms like UCAS, can provide consistent exposure to your brand, ensuring that your audience is continually reminded of your brand. Consistency and repetition are key to building a strong brand presence.

Crafting multi-channel campaigns with UCAS

UCAS offers various channels to reach potential students and their parents, including social media, emails, and events. Crafting campaigns that leverage all these channels can significantly increase your brand's exposure and impact. Create a content calendar that aligns with university application timelines and other significant events. This way, you can be present during crucial decision-making moments.

Building brand awareness is paramount for long-term success. Focusing on your brand values, highlighting the people and lifestyle associated with your accommodations, and nurturing your audience will create a lasting impression. By running campaigns over years instead of weeks and leveraging UCAS's multi-channel platform, you can ensure that when students are ready to make their decision, they know exactly who you are and why your accommodation stands out from the rest. Remember, creating brand awareness is an investment in the future that will pay off with increased recognition, trust, and ultimately, more bookings.

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