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Choosing the right course

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University course choices can be overwhelming. As humans, we have more than one interest, and when going to university we hope to get a good degree in a subject that will get us a good job in the future. It’s so easy to feel lost when looking through courses you’re interested in. Because there are so many courses now, many universities offer degrees in the same subjects, but tweaked and changed ever so slightly to fit with different modules.
It may be difficult to find the perfect course. It might not even exist. When you start a university course, you may already have some familiarity with the subject. Yet the point of university is to enhance what you already know, and teach what you don’t know. So, when looking at university courses, a law module might turn you off because you’ve never studied it before, or you’ve never even been interested in that module before. It’s very possible, too, that you may end up in lectures that aren’t that interesting to you, but believe me, you’ll find them useful eventually. What you have to remember is many modules on a course are there for a reason.
The good thing about university, as well, is many courses allow you to choose your own modules. You can shape your education around what you think you may be interested in. But don’t panic if those chosen modules don’t turn out how you thought they would! Lecturers are university tutors will be willing to help you if you feel like you need to change subjects.
Remember that when choosing a course, you shouldn’t choose one just because your friends are. It’s great to be with your friends at the same university, and it’s even better if you share that same interest. But you’ll regret it further down the line if you’ve chosen a subject that you’re not all that interested in.
If you know you’re good at a subject, and you know you find that subject intellectually stimulation, then you should pursue that route. It’s worth remembering that many people starting university aren’t quite sure what they would like to do career wise in the future, but they know what they’re interested in and what they might want to do. And many courses are not a waste of time. You will build on brand new skills, learn brand new information, and hopefully graduate with a good level that you can use for any job role.
Now, with admissions open for 2018 entry, it is easy to feel lost or overwhelmed. We’re only one person, and we can’t do it all. So, what we need to do is properly consider courses. Take a look at other courses at universities in your area, or if you want to move away, further afield. Many courses are similar, yet they sometimes offer different modules and different opportunities, which should all be considered when applying. The great thing about university is you can apply for five courses, and at five different universities if you so wish.
Don’t panic. That is the main thing to remember. If you apply to a course and change your mind, admissions are there to help you. If you start a course and realise halfway through that maybe you should have done something differently, tell someone as soon as possible. You might find it very straightforward and easy to change your course at the beginning of term.
The important thing is you enjoy your course. The course is what you are at university for. Some days will be stressful, and lets face it, some lectures will be boring. But when you study what you enjoy, you’ll stay motivated. And it’ll all be worth it when you graduate!