Displaced Student Opportunities UK, a new portal to help refugees access university

Thursday 22 June 2023, Widening access and participation

by Student Action for Refugees (STAR)

Displaced Student Opportunities UK, a new portal to help refugees access university

Student Action for Refugees (STAR)

Displaced Student Opportunities UK is a database of opportunities and resources to support access to higher education for people who are displaced in the UK. This portal is a joint initiative between Refugee Education UK, Student Action for Refugees (STAR), and University of Sanctuary.

We aim to make it easier for people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds to find accessible, accurate information to support them on their journey to higher education, in partnership with higher education institutions, charities, and other organisations who provide educational opportunities for refugees and people seeking asylum.

The types of opportunities featured on the portal include:

  • university scholarships
  • English language courses
  • small grants
  • preparation for university
  • and much more

How does the website work?

Providers: Universities, charities, and other organisations that support people seeking sanctuary in the UK to get access to higher education can create an account and add information about the opportunities they offer. These opportunities are then checked by a moderator and published on the site.

View our Guidance for providers using Displaced Student Opportunities UK to understand more about how to set up an account and upload your opportunities.

Applicants: People seeking sanctuary in the UK can browse numerous opportunities in the portal and find out how to apply for their desired course. They can also find guidance and support about journeys to higher education on the Resources page.

Who is the Displaced Student Opportunities UK website for?

This website is for providers to publish their opportunities, and for applicants in the UK who are displaced and want to attend higher education.

We use the term ‘displaced’ to refer to anyone who is seeking sanctuary in the UK. You might identify as a refugee, be seeking asylum, or have come to the UK through a resettlement scheme. View a full list of the most common immigration statuses covered in the filters on the Displaced Student Opportunities UK website.

If you have any questions please email accesstouni@star-network.org.uk.