Five reasons to find a place in Clearing this year

Thursday 18 August 2022, UCAS advice

by Sam Sykes, Digital Learning Manager

Five reasons to find a place in Clearing this year

Whether you’ve changed your mind about the course or uni you’ve applied to, or not got the grades you hoped for, Clearing is a great way to start your studies as planned this year.
Sam Sykes, Digital Learning Manager

If you’re thinking about reapplying next year, here are five reasons you may want to consider going through Clearing this year instead:

  1. There are still thousands of Clearing places available. With so many options available, there’s still a place out there that could be right for you. Revisit all the research you did – whether that was open days, notes on league tables or modules on offer for inspiration. Those courses and unis were on your shortlist for a reason.
  2. You can stick to your plan. Think back to why you applied to uni in the first place. You made a plan to experience a new place and meet new people this year. Uni is still a great way to discover new things and embrace some independence. You could use UniBuddy to chat to students currently at uni to get their insight into what they like about their course and where they study.
  3. It is likely to be even more competitive next year. The number of 18 year olds in the UK is rising, meaning that next year there may be more competition for courses you’re interested in, as more people will be looking for a place.
  4. Student finance in England is changing. It’s worth keeping in mind that there are changes planned for student finance in England for the 2023-24 academic year. By waiting a year it could end up costing you more in student loan repayments.
  5. You can use Clearing to consider a new path. While it’s important not to make a rush decision, at most unis you can start a course at foundation level and have a degree of flexibility about the course you end up pursuing for the full three or four years. So, you could consider a broader route initially to secure your place, then specialise or change to a related course later on down the line.

If you’re considering reapplying next year because you’re not sure about how the Clearing process works, UCAS has lots of help and advice to guide you through.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on finding your place in Clearing, as well as handy advice on how it all works.

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