Five Tips on Choosing Your Firm Choice

Friday 20 December 2019, UCAS advice

by Rebecca

Five Tips on Choosing Your Firm Choice


You’ve received your offers and the deadline is fast approaching to decide which is your firm choice and your insurance, aka one of the biggest decisions in your life so far! Fear not! I’ve put together 5 easy steps you can take to help you decide which choices to make!

This is the most obvious thing to do when applying for University and you’ve probably already done a load of research before applying but it’s a good idea to re-visit your offers and have a look again at their course structure, modules and the general university. You could try making a pros and cons list to help you out!

Seek Advice from Others:
Once you’ve got all the information you can from a Uni website share that information with family, friends, peers and teachers for different viewpoints and opinions. It might also help to talk with someone already in the field you are applying to as they will have valuable experience.

Attend Open Days: 
Once you’ve received offers you can still attend open days at the relevant universities. Attend as many of these as you can and talk to as many students and staff as you can manage. Can you really see yourself studying there?

Check Out League Tables:
League tables come in really handy when applying for Uni as they give you so much information. You can find out anything from how successful their teaching is to how satisfied the students there are. Student satisfaction is something you should definitely be looking at! Be aware some Universities may achieve top grades but have low satisfaction.

Go With Your Heart:
At the end of the day it’s your choice and you need to feel completely happy and comfortable with the decision you’ve made. Listen to your instinct while taking everything else into consideration and you should be able to make the best choice for you.

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